good - /ɡ'ʊd/ - adj. - of a high quality, standard, or level
head - /h'ed/ - n. - the layer of small bubbles that form on the top of the beer

When I travel, I go looking for one thing: beer. You can learn a lot about people from the beer they drink, what they eat with it, and where all this consumption takes place. Questions? Buy me a drink.

INFO: 8.0% ABV | 75 IBU - Simcoe & Cascade Hops - Harrington 2-row, Crystal 77, and “Special Roast” Malts

IMPRESSION: Upon first pour, this beer is very red, with a nice foamy head.  It looks like it’s going to be very intense, and the looks are not deceiving.  Intensity:  this beer has it.  Somewhere between a traditional stock ale (a beer not meant for consumption, but rather to “strengthen” beers in lean seasons) and an Imperial Red Ale (I just love how that sounds), it’s rich, biting, full-flavored, mellow, intense, warm, and creamy, but not overpowering or unbalanced.  This is one of my favorite seasonals.  It’s good from a bottle, though you should pour it into a glass - rather harshly, to open up the flavor - or on tap.  I highly recommend having it on tap.  The citrus flavors, from the stock orange rind, to the cascade hops, really open up.


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12 October, 2010 at 12:52 pm