good - /ɡ'ʊd/ - adj. - of a high quality, standard, or level
head - /h'ed/ - n. - the layer of small bubbles that form on the top of the beer

When I travel, I go looking for one thing: beer. You can learn a lot about people from the beer they drink, what they eat with it, and where all this consumption takes place. Questions? Buy me a drink.

INFO: 4.9% ABV | 2-row Barley Malts

IMPRESSION: What can I say about Anchor Steam that hasn’t been said before? It’s a damn good beer. In fact, every time I have a pale ale or IPA, this is secretly what I want. Big, bold, strong, and tasty. Especially when you’re lucky enough to find it on tap.


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26 March, 2012 at 3:28 pm